Friday, April 6, 2012

Refashion A Mans Shirt

I've seen a few things about refashioning old to new. Here is my version! I took a mans dress shirt and transformed it to a cute dress! I hate to sew, so there is no needle and thread involved! I used fabric glue and double sided iron tape. Super easy!!

Here is the shirt!

I took a pattern I liked and cut it out.

Then I put the pattern across the shirt right under the collar.

I traced the pattern onto the shirt and cut it out with scissors.

Then I added lace. I put the lace on with washable fabric glue so it would be permanent and would dry clear. I was going to leave the sleeves, but at the last minute I cut from the edge of the seam up to the collar. I cut the entire section of the top half of the shirt and left the collar then used double sided iron tape to fold down and hem the edges. This made it into a halter. (Again last minute! I didn't have time to take pictures of those steps!)

And here is my halter dress made from a mans dress shirt!

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  2. that is so awesome what you created! you are so talented!


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