Thursday, April 12, 2012

DIY: Makeup tote/ Artist tote

DIY: On The Go Carrying Case


This is my version of a fun little makeup case! Easy to make, easy to use, and will keep things organized! This can be used for your makeup brushes, hair brushes, pens, pencils, or anything else you can think of! Did I mention this is a no sew project! We all know I am not one for needle and thread! 

Here is what you need:

fabric (use an old shirt, place mat, table cloth or anything else you want!)


 fabric glue


 double sided iron on tape

 ribbon, lace, beads, etc

an iron and damp wash cloth to set tape

Here's how you make it!

Take your fabric and layer it. The printed sides should not face. Then cut out a square. It should be approx 13 inches tall by 16 long. I didn't measure!

Now cut another piece of fabric about half the size of the first two pieces.

Line your pieces up and put the small piece across the front. Then put a piece of iron on tape across the bottom. You will fold the pieces up to form a seam on the bottom of your case.

This is how your folded seam will look. You will do this for all four sides, but leave the middle piece open so you can create your sections!

Now you are going to create your sections using your smaller fabric piece that is in the middle. Make your pockets as big or small as you want to. Put your tape where you decide and iron it down. This creates a section or pocket. You can do several or few. It is totally up to you.

Next attach your lace to the top of the pocket section with fabric clue. I put paper in the pockets just to make sure the pockets didn't get glued to the back side. Use pins to hold it in place.

Here is a picture of the lace glued down with the pins holding it in place.

Take your ribbon (I used hot pink) and attach it with the fabric clue. You will use two pieces. One piece will go in the middle of the back section and the other will go on the middle of the end piece. This way when it folds you will be able to tie it closed.

Here is a picture of me attaching the ribbon. You will also want to hold the ribbon in place with pins to help the fabric glue set.

Take another ribbon (or lace) and put it on the folds of the fabric. This will conceal the sections where the edges come together. I used a white ribbon because I ran out of pink!

I used iron on tape on these ribbons since they were larger. Here is the bottom half with the lace and ribbon.

I also made a bow out of the extra lace and attached it to the pink ribbon on the outside. You can use anything you want or leave it plain.

~~~ The finished product~~~

Your travel case can be used for anything you like! Here are a few options!
Cosmetics, brush, etc.
Pencils, pens, crafts, etc.

Nail files, polish, lotions, etc.

Then wrap it up and go!

Brandi abcdfghijklmno

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