Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Clothes & Makeup On A Budget- Glam Style

Listen Up Ladies!!!!

We all love to feel glamorous and treat ourselves to nice things every now and then, so why not do it with a budget friendly state of mind? Who says you can't have top of the line quality without breaking the bank?

Fashion - Yes, the joy of shopping! I don't know why some people are under the impression you have to go to big department stores to find name brand or fashionable items. Even low cost chain stores like Target, Walmart, and K-Mart are coming up with some cute fashionable pieces. Right now I am talking about the more high end brands. These would be the brands that you find in those more expensive retailers: Coach, Dooney, White House Black Market, Vera Wang, Louis Vuitton, Nine West, NY & Co., etc. You get the picture.

Forget the department stores, chains, catalogs, and all the other high dollar stores for now. Here are a few other options you need to consider. Places like Goodwill, consignment shops, thrift stores, eBay, and even flea markets are a great and inexpensive way to find these pieces! Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of junk in these places too! You just need to take your time and find the right pieces! Here are a few of mine.

Coach- Goodwill Paid $2.99
Coach leather boots-Goodwill Paid $3.99
Charlotte Russe- Brand New Goodwill $2.99

Dooney- Consignment paid under $30.00

Marc Ecko leather bag- Goodwill paid $2.99
NY & Co- Paid $1.75
Express- paid $1.75
XOXO-Paid $3.99
Vera Bradley- Paid $2.99
American Eagle- Paid $1.75
Gap- Paid $1.75
Forever 21- Paid $2.99

 These are just a tiny fraction of the things I find. I have found everything from Charlotte Russe, Hollister, Wet Seal, American Eagle, Dooney, Louis Vuitton, Vera Bradley, Vera Wang, and so much more!!! Give it a try and see what great things you find!!!

Makeup- I really like LOVE makeup!!! I have tried everything from drugstore brands to high end department store brands. I do have a love for Avon though! I am currently an Avon Makeup and Skincare specialist and use tons of their products! Avon has come so far over the years! They have such a large variety of products! There is absolutely a shade for everyone, and its easy to find the perfect one! I love the eyeshadow quads and the new duo shades! These last 12+ hours and its so easy to create new looks. Did I mention Avon is super affordable! Such a quality product at amazing prices! The quads are normally $8.99, but they are on sale quite frequently for $4.99 or buy one get one! How great is that? Check out these color combos in the quads below.

Photo from Avon Site

These are just a few of the color quads. Avon comes out with special quads quite frequently! Its also fun to mix shades from different quads. Don't be scared to have a little fun, and if its another brand you prefer that's fine too. My goal here is just to help the budget conscious! Here are a couple looks I created.
This is a yellow tone, purple, and teal. I had fun playing with colors!

This was my dramatic brown metallic smokey eye.

I hope you enjoyed my little bits of knowledge! Get out there and go find some deals, then put on your new threads and some sexy makeup and have some fun!!!


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