Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bath and Body Works Stress Relief line Review

A little over a year ago I mentioned getting the Stress Relief body wash in a goody bag from Bath and Body. It took me forever to finally open it and test it out. Once I finally opened it and tried it I literally fell in love with the intoxicating and relaxing mixture of eucalyptus and spearmint! I have since gone through more bottles and purchased other items from the same line.

The idea of stress relief seemed good, but I really didn't think a scent was going to calm me that much. Honestly I was surprised. It definitely has a calming effect. Don't get me wrong, you aren't going to lather yourself in magical bubbles that wash away your cares! It does ease stress and make you relax. The combination of the eucalyptus and mint are amazing!

The stress relief line has a few different scents to chose from, but this was my favorite! Here are a few of the items I keep on hand!

Stress Relief body wash, lotion, hand sanitizer, and candle. Next on my purchase list is the pillow mist!

If you want a cheaper alternative to the candle I did pick one up from Walmart to try out. The quality (of course) wasn't quite as good as the Bath and Body brand, but I still think it is worth the $4.00 I spent! It is also a large jar candle, so you cant beat that!

I definitely recommend trying these out! Let me know what you think! Don't forget to stay posted for my Erin Condren review (which is very late) and a new product/company review with my husband! That means we will be back to youtube soon! As always lots of love and hugs!!

All images obtained from Bath and Body or Google.

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