Sunday, June 1, 2014

Insta Update and News

I can't believe May has come and gone. I intended on getting back to a normal blogging schedule, but that didn't happen yet! I've been so busy with work lately that having even a tiny moment to write just wasn't in the picture. In addition to work I have several other career opportunities I'm venturing towards! I will definitely keep everyone posted on that!

I decided to post this insta update so you could see a peek at what I've been up to lately. We have a business trip/vacation to Orlando coming up on the 20th of this month so I definitely have a lot to do before then. I hope to have some posts ready long before then, so definitely stay tuned for that! Here are a few photos via Instagram of what went on in May! Don't forget to follow me there and on my other social networks! Click the links on the right!

Shoes of the day and a quick pic of me...

Hootie the fish! He is in our tank at the office and a tbt of me and my grandparents.

Company outing at the Flowertown Festival and a comment that made my day!

Me again and a Charm my husband got me..."find joy in the journey".

Husband and I at another work event and silly Carolina and her sad face lol.

Bracelet and watch combo and my plum mani...

Mothers day gifts from the kiddos and hubby and me testing out naked 3.

 The hubs and I and thank goodness for Starbucks!

 Couldn't resist! I really love these colors.

Husband took this at Steak N Shake...I was looking at the menu and yes feet again!

Easy button on my desk and the new addition..Sweet little Charlotte!

A section of my perfume and my love of Urban Decay! 

 This saying holds truth! And love this Elephant top I grabbed at Khols!

A little lunch trivia at Buffalo Wild Wing and my new big Coach travel bag and pouch.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day and I hope June is a fantastic month for you all! Love and hugs!!

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