Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Organizing my makeup...or at least making an attempt!

I have literally spent several hours throwing away old makeup and trying to get everything somewhat organized. Let me just say that is no easy task! I have tossed everything I no longer use and tried to organize what I do use in a way that suits me best! When you organize your makeup and cosmetics products it is all about what you need and how you prefer things to be! Its about making life (or at least makeup application) easier!

Here is what I did...

This is a storage drawer set that I put beside my makeup vanity for extra storage space. I put cotton balls, q-tips, makeup remover, baby wipes, etc. in the top drawer. This keeps all of these ready to go and easy to get to!  The second drawer has extra shadows, shadow quads, singles, and lashes. These are products I use, but not as frequently as I do other items.

I grabbed this cute little mirrored organizer a few weeks ago and decided to put some of my favorites or daily products in this. I also threw in some sample sizes, etc. I keep my favorite brushes in two little vases on top. (The other brushes are stored somewhere else!) The first drawer I put my daily foundation and favorite primers.. Some of these are sample or trial sizes and I'm trying to decide which is my favorite and what I plan to repurchase! That will be another post! The second drawer has my favorite eye shadow primers, liners, mascara, etc. These are only my favorites right now! Lastly the bottom drawer has my favorite blush, contour powder, and pressed powder. Again these are daily favorites.

To me this picture looks like a giant mess, but actually looking at it in person really isn't bad. I totally don't know why that is, but just to make things less complicated I sectioned this off in three pictures to show you what is what!

  Ok so this little area I keep my MAC pigments and  a few other misc items I use on a regular basis.

The next section I have my regular use eye pencils, liners, etc. I also have blushes, highlighters, etc. These I do use on a regular basis. I just happened to put my favorites in the mirrored storage on top!

The section to the side has a couple of my palettes that I use regularly if not daily! I really love these!
I totally think this looks like a hot mess too in the picture but again it definitely isn't bad in person! I did the same thing and broke it down for you!

First I have my favorite lip pencils, balms, stains, and gloss in these two little containers.

Next I have my favorite lipsticks that I use on a regular basis and an extra powder.

Last I have extra foundations, BB creams, etc.

I am still working on the extra brushes, pencils, liners, lipsticks, gloss, etc! Those will have to wait! I'm planning a trip to Ulta and Sephora soon, so I'm going to be updating this post! That is one of the reasons I threw so much away! I needed to make room! Out with the old and in with the new right? Haha! So here is my little makeup area. The lighting isn't so great because it is dark outside and that happens to be a window behind my vanity. This was the vintage vanity I redid in a previous post! It does have a huge mirror that opens out from the middle, but I prefer the mirror sitting on top! I also have a huge mirror to the side of this area by my dresser!
I hope you are all having a fabulous week! I will definitely update you once I reorganize with my new products! That will be sometime next month because I'm not sure how much organizing time I'm going to have with Christmas around the corner! Love and Hugs!!

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