Monday, September 16, 2013

Quicky DIY :Vanity Project - Time to Revamp

I wanted to post this long before now, but things don't always work out like planned! This was a quick DIY transformation I did several weeks ago when I had some free time!

My husband and I were driving home from errands and this very old vanity was literally sitting on the side of the road to be picked up with the trash. No way! I was not letting that happen, so we grabbed it! Someone's trash is another's treasure, right? In this case I was happy we grabbed it!

Here is a shot of what it looked like when we got it.

Time to start sanding. I used a regular grit sandpaper and did it by hand.

This is a shot of inside the middle section of the vanity before sanding.
Close up of the fixtures. 

After I sanded the vanity I filled in some of the deeper worn areas with a wood putty and sanded those down. I didn't take pictures of that process, but its very easy. Wood putty comes premixed and ready to go. You simply apply a layer of it. let dry, and sand down.

While waiting on the putty to dry and continuing to sand the front side of the vanity I removed the fixtures and spray painted them a chrome silver color.

I also painted the drawers. There are two drawers on each side and the middle area that opens with the mirror. I decided on a black semi gloss paint.
Once they dried I put the freshly painted fixtures back on the drawers.

Here is a shot of the vanity before finishing with the drawers and fixtures.

The camera flash made somewhat of a reflection against the black paint in the before and after picture!

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