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Luxury For Less : Your Quick Guide for Getting the Goods for Less

Luxury for Less

Who doesn't love Luxury? Webster's dictionary says that luxury is the state of great comfort and extravagant living. I'm sure we all love the thought of the Lux lifestyle, but most of us can't afford to live like a millionaire! Wouldn't it be great to look like you just stepped off the runway, carry designer bags, and sip champagne from crystal flutes? Here is your quick guide for living the lux life for way less!

1) Clothes

Designer clothes are great, but they can get really expensive. I'm talking thousands of dollars! I don't know about you, but I can't shell out that kind of money on clothes. I love having a closet full of clothes, but I love it more that they are all affordable! Here are a few options for feeling lux and spending less!

~ Most designer brands have outlet stores! These stores sell items at a fraction of the cost.

~ Check out department store clearance racks! You will be amazed at how low some stuff can get marked down!

~ Consignment shopping is a great way to grab fabulous pieces at really affordable prices! You can even find vintage pieces! I love consignment shopping! You will be surprised at the great pieces you find, which is why I call it "treasure hunting" most of the time!

~Thrift shopping and goodwill is similar to consignment shopping. These stores tend to have the lowest prices. These items were usually donated to the stores as opposed to "consigned" to resell. You can still find some pretty great stuff!

~ Discount stores have great name brand finds for a fraction of the cost. A few examples would be TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Burkes, and Rugged Warehouse.

2) Handbags, Shoes, and Accessories

These are some of my favorite items to shop for! Designer handbags are one of my favorites! As much as I love buying handbags I definitely couldn't afford several thousand dollars a pop! Here are a few suggestions for grabbing a designer bag and other items for less!

~ Consignment Shops are the same with clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories! These items are usually good quality designer items that someone has decided to sell. The consignment shop sells the items for their clients. The prices are really affordable!

~ Wholesalers and Outlets are a great place to start. These stores sell their merchandise for a fraction of the retail price. These stores also have great sales!

~ Online sites such as ebay are great for picking up a super affordable piece! Just make sure that what you are getting is authentic! I have purchased several items from ebay and have been happy with all of my buys!

3) For the Home, etc.

Your personal space is just as important as your style when it comes to feeling luxurious! Its great to have high quality sheets and towels or fabulous framed photos and décor! You might have some of these items passed down to you from other relatives or have purchased some of your own. For great finds that are affordable try these:

~ People tend to throw away things that they are unsure of. Some peoples tastes tend to change or they don't really know the actual value of an item. Thrifting again is a great way to pick up some awesome décor! I've found some amazing sterling pieces, and even Waterford crystal while thrifting! The best part is they were super cheap!

~ Department stores tend to have great sales and coupons for housewares! Check those out!

~ Discount stores have great selections of home décor that is fabulous and fun! Did I mention that they are super affordable!

~ Online retailers and ebay is another option for housewares and décor!



Tips and Tricks for the Lux Life : How To...

1) Wear heels. Nothing says fabulous like a great pair of heels! Heels can change the look and feel of an outfit! They also make you feel more confident! Confidence says luxury!

2) Buy a great bag. If you don't have a designer bag, don't worry! Luxury isn't always about the "brand". Find a great structured bag that looks amazing and rock it! It doesn't have to cost thousands to me amazing or make you feel luxurious!

3) Wear diamonds. Who doesn't love diamonds? Diamond stud earrings are classic! These are perfect for any look! If you can't afford diamonds try some CZ or lab created diamonds! As long as they stay on the smaller side no one will know the difference!

4) Dress up. I'm not telling you to get decked out just to run to the grocery store, but putting together more of an "outfit" and avoiding the "yoga" look will help! I love my yoga pants, but sometimes you just need to put in more of an effort! Luxury is about being put together!

5) Wear Makeup. Sometimes the simple act of putting on a little makeup can make you feel amazing! Makeup will finish off any look and make you look more polished!

6) Take a hot candle lit bath. Ok that is luxury! We all need a break sometimes! I love to get in a nice hot bath (bubble, oils, etc) and relax. Scented candles or even regular candles can change the feel of a room. I love the flicker of a candle while relaxing in the tub. Take a book to read too!

7) Get a massage. If you don't want to go to a masseuse or spa get your spouse/significant other to give you one. A relaxing massage will make you feel amazing. If you do get a professional massage do some research! They can actually be super affordable!

8) Get a pedicure. I love a good pedicure! I love sitting in those relaxing spa chairs with my feet in the warm bubbling water. I also love the foot massage you get while sitting there relaxing! If you aren't a fan of salon pedicures give one to yourself! Polished toes are great!

9) Organize your closet and your life. I try my best to stay organized. My closet is always organized! You would be surprised at how easy it is to put together tons of outfits when you can actually see your clothes. Everything should have a place! When you can see and find everything it makes such a difference! Being organized and neat definitely says luxury! A cluttered closet with clothes in disarray does not say luxury! It says "help"! Try to keep all aspects of your life organized. This will relieve tons of stress!

10) Drink champagne and eat chocolate covered strawberries. Doesn't that sound fabulous! Imagine relaxing in your nice hot bath drinking a glass of champagne and eating chocolate covered strawberries! That is luxury! You can get your own fondue set for pretty cheap and make your own chocolate covered strawberries and treats! Fondue is luxury!

champagne and strawberries

I hope you enjoyed some of these tips on how to have luxury for less! I'm ready for some champagne and strawberries! Who's with me?

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