Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to Find Your Personal Style

There are so many girls and women running around wondering if they have a sense of style. They question their taste in clothes and seem lost in the world of fashion. Some people have a love for fashion, while others seemed overwhelmed at just the thought. It isn't really about fashion, its about expressing yourself through your style. If you are sitting there thinking you don't have a style then you're wrong! Everyone has their own special style! Ready to find yours? Ok, lets go!

Maybe you are sitting there reading this in your pajamas. Maybe you are in yoga pants with your hair in a bun on top of your head. You might be sitting there laughing at the thought of you with style. Well don't! Its in there!
We have all seen a movie or looked at a picture of someone and thought "oooh I love that dress" or "those shoes are awesome" or even "man I wish my hair would do that". That is where we are going to start. I have worked with several different people who claimed they didn't have style or felt they lost it completely. Those women didn't lose their style, they were just not sure on how to pull it together or express it.
Having your own sense of style doesn't mean you have to look totally different from everyone else. In fact you can pull elements from those looks you have seen on others and incorporate it with who "you" are. Style is what you make it and today I'm going to give you a few examples with one of the clients I worked with. We will call her "Jane".

Jane walked in my store in a tiny tank top, super short shorts, and your basic plain jane flip-flops. When I asked her about her style she was puzzled, but then replied "I'm just really casual". Here is a basic synopsis with example Q & A.

Me : Great! Casual it is. What items to you tend to gravitate towards when shopping?

Jane : Usually t-shirts, tank tops, athletic shorts, or jean shorts. This is basically what she was telling me her "style" was.


client one before


 Me: What is it about these items that attract you to them or make you want to buy them?
Jane: Comfort and they are easy. I guess that's not much of a style though.
Me: Lets try this. I'll show you a few pieces and you tell me what you think. We will base this off your like of comfort and ease.
Untitled #218

We went through a few items and discussed likes and dislikes of each. She liked the knit material, but wasn't a fan of bold stripes. She liked the ruffle of the peplum top, but wasn't a fan of bold ruffles at the neck. She also leaned more towards more muted shades and didn't really like neon's or big prints.

Me: When you watch TV, look at magazines, or see someone walking down the street what catches your eye? Do you ever see something and think "hey I like that" or "I want to try that out"?

Jane : I like those off the shoulder tops. I also think that heels or wedge sandals are cute with shorts.

Based on Jane's likes and dislikes we pulled a few more items. I showed her that by changing the length of her shorts and putting on a classic tee could transform her look. All she needed to do was add those adorable wedges and a statement necklace to create something casual, comfy, and chic. It was the same basic outfit with a few minor tweeks! The outfit went from blah to wow!

We also put together a few more looks and turned Jane into someone who was proud of her "comfy chic" style. It was fun to show her that comfort didn't always mean tee's and tanks or athletic shorts and cutoffs!  Here are some similar looks we put together.


I have worked with quite a few different clients and they each had their own unique style. It is so much fun helping someone discover what they really love and what works best for them. Its great to pull elements from other sources and incorporate them with what we already know and love. So what inspires you? What do you gravitate towards and why?

I hope you are all having a super fab day! Would love to know how you found your personal style!

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