Friday, January 11, 2013

Shades of Gray : Outfit Inspiration

I must admit a ton of my clothes are shades of grays and blacks. Don't worry, I have a good bit of prints and colors too! Black and gray are classic colors and for me are a go to. They are very versatile and go with anything. I love wearing these darker hues with bright pops of color or even deeper wine or rose colors. I really love these wine colored pieces below. It totally transforms the look!

I did a post last week on the new 2013 trend of the envelope skirt, which I also love! I featured the skirt below on that post and decided to use it again to pull these colors together! Check below for details on where you can pick up these great pieces!

shades of gray

Preen wrap skirt

Black clutch
$50 -


Nail lacquer
$15 -



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  1. Love the grey in combination with a colour like that!
    Kristina xx


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