Friday, January 18, 2013

Quick Makeup Look of the Day : Shimmering Neutrals

Today I decided to add some shimmer to my neutral makeup. I used the NYC quad I received from Influencter in Union Square. I didn't have much time today, but here is a quick and easy neutral look.

NYC Union Square Eyeshadow Palette

Check below for details on how to get the look...

Ok here is a super quick run through of what I did.

1) Apply a base or primer. You can actually use the included base if you use the NYC quad.
2) For shimmer I decided to use the illuminator on my lid and under my lower lash line.
3) Lightly dust the lightest color on entire lid.
4) Apply the third darkest color above crease.
5) Apply the darkest color in corner and crease.
6) Blend with second color.
7) Add your liner and mascara and you're done!


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  1. i love your make up posts! im trying to wear a lil more these days n these are so helpful for me!


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