Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Few Days in a Few Shots

I've been in such a crafty mood lately. I really have no idea why! After working (I work from home if you didn't already know), cooking, cleaning, or whatever else I have going on somehow I still have the energy to start a new project. I think it helps keep me sane! I've also started painting within the last few weeks. I've never painted (other than walls) a day in my life, but all of the sudden I want to. I will not tell you I'm good at it, but it's fun! I do it for me and that is what matters!

Over the past few days I have managed to paint, make/fix some jewelry, make a few wreaths out of foam board and scrap fabric, and cover everything (I went a little crazy) in glitter. The glitter makes me smile! Sparkles = Happy!

 Here are a few snapshots of my "art" and the rest of the week via instagram!

I hope you are all having a wonderful and productive week!


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