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Highlighting and Contouring : Tutorial, Product Info, and What Works

Ok, several people have asked me how I do my makeup. I've had requests to do a video tutorial, but didn't get the chance to do that yet. I'm working on it!

I had a long discussion with someone a few days ago about highlighting, contouring, and the best foundation types and colors for skin. That can get tricky! First I'll show you a a quick picture tutorial with directions on a quick full makeup look. We will go with a natural look today. Below that I'll touch on brands, types, and colors of foundations.

Highlighting and Contouring are similar for every face shape. Check out the chart below to see what I'm talking about, then we will get into my routine. Keep in mind everyone has a different routine or different way of putting on their makeup. Each person is different and you need to do what suits you best! This is the way I do mine. There is no right or wrong way to do this...unless you are using some crazy un-matching foundation, blush, bronzer etc.


Here is a numbered picture guide of what I did. Check below for the how to directions. This is for a simple natural look.

1) Start with your base foundation. Prep your skin and apply concealer where needed. I used my NYC skin matching foundation that I picked up in my mini super cheap makeup haul! 2) You can apply your foundation in 3 ways. With a brush, sponge, or your fingers. Keep in mind if you do use your fingers make sure they are clean. Your skin absorbs oils left on your fingers and can further clog pores! I use a brush to apply and then smooth the edges at my neckline with a sponge. 3) This is the smoothing part. 4) There are several ways to highlight, but I am using a slightly lighter foundation. This is NYC smooth skin foundation in Ivory. This is another one of the products I grabbed on that makeup haul! 5) Put your highlighter on the areas shown. It looks like I put on a ton, but I really didn't! Then you are going to blend it in. 6) Next I put on a bronzer. I use a fan type brush for this, but couldn't find it today. You are going to use this to contour. 7) Check the picture and the chart above to see contour areas. 8) Next grab your blush. I used Avon's Smooth minerals in "blushed rose". 9) If you smile when you apply your blush you will see where to apply it. Blush goes on the round cheek area, bronzer goes below in the "hollow" area to contour. 10) If you put on a little too much blush or bronzer it can easily be toned down with translucent powder. 11) For my shadow I used the Neutral tones pallet from Avon. 12) I swept a light color all over the lid.13)  I took a dark brown and swept it across the upper lid and crease. 14) Then I took the darkest brown and put it in the crease area then came down to the outer edge of my eye. 15) Next grab your liner. I used Glimmersticks in black today. 16) Since this was a neutral look I stayed close to the lash line and made a thin line. 17) Mascara time. I used Maybellines Falsies today in brown/black. 18) Do a thin coat on top and bottom lashes. 19) Fill in your brows. You can use a powder base (even eyeshadow) or a pencil. If you use a pencil be careful because you don't want that "drawn on" harsh look. 20) Gently fill in brows. I used Glimmersticks brow liner in Blonde. 21) It will look something like this. Make sure you blend your shadows so you don't have harsh lines. 22) Grab your powder. You can use loose powder or a pressed powder. Don't over do it! Just lightly dust it on to set the look. 23) Time for the lips. I used Dollhouse pink. I dabbed it on my lips because I didn't want a lot of color, just a hint for this look. 24) That's it. The finished look.

Now, let's talk about brands, types, and colors!

Brands :
 To be honest I have tried everything from expensive designer brands to cheaper drugstore brands. The brand isn't the issue it's how well it works! Don't focus on the name focus on the results!


Foundation's have come such a long way over the years! There are so many different types and each type has several choices from there. Here is a brief list of foundation types and what they do!

Foundation 411

1) Cream to Powder : These come in compact style cases. They start as a creamy foundation and turn to powder on the skin. These are said to minimize oil and to last through the day. This is an easy option for those who don't like to deal with a lot of fuss with their foundation.

2) Liquid Foundation : There are so many varieties of liquid foundation. This one is the most common. It applies smoothly and you are able to put more where it is needed. There is waterproof, smudgeproof, long lasting, oil free, skin matching, etc. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts stay away from the waterproof and lean towards and oil free.

3) Powders : These are great for setting foundation and eliminating shine. Be careful as to how much you put on, because you don't want to clog pores or look like you have on a mask. If you can see it, then it's too much!

4) Mineral Foundation : These is a more natural approach to foundation. Some mineral powder can actually be good for your skin, while other's only claim to be. Mineral foundation should lightly lay on the skin. If you put on too much, or there are other additives in the product it will also look "cakey" like regular powder.

5) Whipped and Mousse Foundations: These are great because they go on smooth. They are great for aging and dry skin because they go on thin. Make sure not to over apply!

6) Concealer : This stuff can work miracles! It can hide dark circles, blemishes, and imperfections in skin. Even with concealer you want to watch your application. Putting too much will again cause "caking".

7) Tinted Moisturizer : This option is great for women who need a hint of color, but don't like the feeling of thick makeup. This is a minimal coverage option that evens skin tone and moisturizes at the same time.


 (Image c/o Avon)

 Finding the right shade is tricky. I explained in a post a few day's ago on how to correctly pick your shade and test samples. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here! If you follow those guidelines and test on your cheek where I showed you will be able to find your shade. Another option that I am a huge fan of is mixing colors to create your perfect shade. I have done this several times to get as close to my natural skin tone as possible! Try it!

I hope some of these tips helped you guys out! Thanks for reading check back soon for my latest posts!


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