Thursday, October 11, 2012

Current Loves : Beauty Products and Reviews!

I know I'm always telling you guys about some totally random product I love. Today I decided to go through a short list of these super affordable products and tell you why I love them. That way you can decide for yourself if you want to try them out! Here they are in no particular order :

September Favs

September Favs by flairbybrandi featuring maybelline nail polish

1) Carmex Moisture Shine chapstick:  This stuff is great. It totally revives dry lips and brings them to life! It is a great moisturizing chapstick. I've actually been putting it on every night before I go to sleep, and there is a huge difference in my lips.

2) Neutrogena Anti Blemish Anti Wrinkle Face Wash : This stuff is great! I have tried every kind of face wash you can think of and right now this is what works for me! Love the way my skin feels after washing my face! My skin looks much healthier now too!

3) Advanced Techniques Moisturizing Hair Mask : Love this stuff! It is a type of conditioning mask that leaves hair super soft and shiny! It also helps to repair dry or damaged hair and treat split ends. Love it!

4) Bath and Body Works Secret Wonderland: Have you smelled this stuff? Oh man, it smells so good! I keep a bottle in my purse so I can spray it any time I want a boost!

5)FX Curls Up: WOW! I have naturally curly/wavy hair that I normally hate. I tend to straighten it or pull it up half the time. If I leave it "natural" I need to put some type of product in it so it doesn't get huge or frizzy. This stuff is AMAZING! It isn't a stiff gel or spray. It looks like gel when you put it in your palm, but once it's in your hair it dries so soft! It gave my curls a boost and left my hair so soft that you can easily run your fingers through it with no tangles. No more gels for me! This stuff is totally my fav right now!

6) Neutrogena On The Spot: This is a great spot treatment for breakouts. I just switched brands again,but have found this to work great! Love it!

7) Maybelline Falsies Mascara: I love the boost this gives my lashes. It doesn't clump at all and totally lengthens my lashes!

8) Maybellines Color Show Polish and NYC Matte Polish : The color show polishes come in a great shades and go on great. For me the polish lasts a week without chipping! The Matte Polish is one of my new favorites. It is a clear top coat that can totally transform the look of any polish! These are all great!

What are your current favorites?



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