Monday, July 30, 2012

10 Day Challenge : 3 Films

Who would have thought it would have taken so long to finish a ten day challenge! Life happens though! Here are my three films. This is hard because there are so many to choose from!

1) Clerks II: My sister and I used to watch this movie and crack up the entire time! My teen years were spent watching Kevin Smith's movies, so this one is one of my favorite's.

2) The Boondock Saints: Love this movie!

3) Girl's Just Want To Have Fun: I watched this 80's movie last night. It cracked me up! Watching this reminded me of the crazy styles back then. The dances were pretty funny too! Besides reminiscing on the funny dance moves and styles it did have a cute story!


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  1. Yeah I like #3 too!!! I've wasted a few AquaNet cans on achieving that Cindy Lauper look....hahaha

    XOXO Dana


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