Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chocolate Latte

Here are a few fun finds inspired by (yes, you guessed it) Chocolate and Lattes! I love the rich chocolate brown and cream colors. What about you?
Chocolate Latte

Stripe dress, £15
Wallis lace cocktail dress, $78
SuperTrash top, €100
Minuet petite, £38
Ralph Lauren lightweight skirt, $1,211
Burberry strappy heels, $238
Bebe stiletto pumps, $80
Sergio Rossi platform sandals, $300
Cream shoes, $632
Mulberry oversized tote, £925
Betsey Johnson bow handbag, $47
Michael Kors star jewelry, $95
Blue Nile sterling silver jewelry, $115
Michael Kors leather cuff jewelry, $131
Folli Follie bracelet, $85
Dazzle Chocolate Sofa
Harper Recliner in Flagstaff Chocolate Leather, $1,900
South Shore SoHo 6-Drawer Tall Chest, Chocolate, $145
Home Decor : Decorations, Curtains, Candles, Are...: Target, $80
SOY CANDLE - Espresso Shot Coffee Cup with Saucer - Hazelnut Latte..., $28
Kuba Cloth Pillow | Pillows & Cushions, $179
1STDIBS.COM - East Meets West Antiques - 19thc Original Salmon Painted...
Montrose Scroll Sconce Flameless Candle, $34
Charbonnel et Walker Vintage Floral Box Milk & Dark Chocolates, $35
Nordstrom Makers Chocolate Milk Chocolate Mints (30 Pieces) No Color..., $27
Diamond Jubilee Praline Chocolate Box Selection, Jubilee Gifts, £8.95


  1. Good! I like it! If you need more information at

  2. Love that color! Great proposals!

  3. I can never get enough chocolates or lattes! Love your choices :)

  4. Nice collection! Love this color! :)


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