Monday, May 14, 2012

Twenty Items Every Woman Shoud Have : Wardrobe Edition

Here are a list of twenty items every woman should have in her wardrobe. These classic pieces are very versatile and can go from one look to another!
Twenty Items Every Woman Should Have

1. Sunglasses- You should own at least one pair of great fitting sunglasses.
2. Crisp White Button down- This has been around forever! It will never go out of style!
3. Black Slacks in a great fit.
4. Clutch Bag- A cute clutch bag in a fun texture, color, or pattern.
5. A Blouse- This should be some type of blouse/dressier top. Easy to dress up or down!
6. Sandals- A cute and fun strappy sandal
7. Tank Top- A brightly colored tank!
8. LBD- No wardrobe is complete without the classic little black dress!
9. V-Neck- A versatile V-neck fitted tee. Not a huge baggy tee!
10. Shorts- A good fitting pair of colored shorts.
11. Maxi Dress- These are great dresses and fun in prints or solids.
12. Classic Black Skirt- Similar to the Black Slacks.
13. Dark Denim Jeans- A classic look and so versatile.
14. Ballet Flats- Again a classic shoe fun in all colors and prints.
15. Handbag- A well structured and well made handbag.
16. Black Blazer/Jacket- This jacket will pull together a complete look.
17. Scarf- A printed scarf
18. Black Pumps- A classic black pump
19. Denim Shorts
20. A Coat

These items can easily be mixed and matched with other trendy seasonal pieces to create a totally different look and feel! Check back soon for several different looks with our classic pieces!!


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  1. Yep! All of these are definitely great essentials...though I am missing a few of them, ha ha


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