Saturday, May 5, 2012

On a Personal Note : A Few Interesting Facts

I thought I'd give a few fun facts about me that you might or might not already know! So here's a little bit of knowledge about me!

Fact One : I love elephants! There is just something about them that makes them super adorable! From big to small I love them! I also collect them (not the real ones of course, but I would if I could)!
How adorable is this baby??--------->

Fact Two : I am a shoe fanatic! Oh how I love shoes! This is not my closed, but I wish it was! I am constantly on the hunt for shoes! I love everything from flats to pumps and all that's in between!

Fact Three: I am obsessed with Sonic's Iced Caramel Mocha Latte! I could drink these every single day probably more than once! I would pick this over Starbucks most days! There is just something about it...oh and did I mention they are under $3.00!

Fact Four : The first time I went to Cracker Barrel was about 22 years ago. Since then I have been more than I can count and have NEVER gotten anything different. I order the exact same thing every time I go no fail!! Grilled chicken tenderloins, okra, mashed potatoes(extra gravy), and cornbread. Sweet tea to drink of course! Crazy or what?

Fact Five : I don't really like to wear socks. Its South Carolina and our winters don't really get cold! I usually wear sandals, flip flops, heels, espadrilles, etc. When I wear boots or sneakers I do wear socks, but they usually have to be some wild and fun pattern. I think I only have two pair that are plain white!

That's enough facts for today! Hope you enjoyed your Saturday and don't forget to check back next week for some more makeup looks, nail trends, DIY's, and more! Here is a quick snapshot of our day today! Have a great Sunday!!



  1. Elephants and shoes?? Twins over here!! Love fun facts.

  2. I love elephants too! Such cute animals :)

  3. Awesome blog! Great pictures. Thanks for writing me, I would love to follow each others blogs, I have added you to my blogger list and also on your page.
    Thanks again


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