Friday, May 18, 2012

In My Shopping Bag : Beauty Products

As you know I am a huge fan of makeup (in addition to fashion, design, and the like). I am also a fan of bargains! As much as I love to try new things it's good to find items with reasonable prices! Don't get me wrong, I don't mind spending more on quality products! I have my higher end items and my bargain finds (Walmart, Target, eBay, etc). Here is what I recently purchased, my reviews on the items, and color swatches.

Nail Polishes:

I know, I know! I am constantly picking up polish! I have admitted before that I hate having to go grocery shopping and usually stop by the polish isle to motivate myself! I don't get polish every time I go out, but at the prices I purchased these for I think it would be ok! All of these polishes are under $4.00 and the Pure Ice and Wet N Wild are under $2.00! Can I bargain shop or what?

Going top to bottom left to right are : 1) Sally Hansen- Wedding Crasher 2) Sally Hansen- Gentle Blossom 3) NYC- Moma 4) Wet N Wild- Under Your Spell 5) Pure Ice- Heart breaker 6) Pure Ice- Silver Mercedes 7) Pure Ice- Spit fire 8) Pure Ice- Twinkle

Eyeshadow Singles

Ulta had a sale online so I ordered a few different shadows. These four are Ulta's brand. Here are the shadows and color swatches.

1) Cherry Bomb- this is a matte red. 2) Honey Bee- A shimmery yellow 3) Mimosa- Simmer orange 4) Thrill Seeker- hot pink.

I liked all four of these, but my two favorites were the pink and red. The shimmer shades almost looked too powdery on. Even after blending it almost looked like some of the pigment would form clumps due to the coloring. Thrill Seeker is my favorite!


These were also great finds and all under $2.00!

I really liked all of them, but I still think my favorites are the pink shades (1- Blossom and 4- Dollhouse pink).


I picked up this N.Y.C. white liner pencil a few days ago. This was under $1.00. I uses this for the waterline of my eye and it works great!

Makeup Remover

 Since I love trying new makeup looks I go through quite a bit of makeup remover for my eyes! I used Clinique for quite a while, but finally started trying different brands (that didn't cost over $20.00). I recently found a brand similar to Neutrogena's oil free makeup remover. This is the Walmart brand. The Equate remover was under $4.00, and worked amazing! This is the oil free remover. It took off the makeup really easily and didn't dry out my skin.


Those were my recent makeup purchases (for super cheap)! What bargain products have you recently purchased that you love? Happy Friday everyone. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!



  1. Love the lipstick colours that you selected.

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